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Do you want to help promote and ensure high-quality early childhood education for every child in New Bedford? Community involvement is what we are all about. Come join us! Below are a handful of volunteer opportunities for you to consider for yourself (or a friend). Or, suggest a way in which you think you might be able to lend your skills and experience.

  • Board Member: New Bedford Children is looking for parents and educators involved or interested in early childhood education serving children of New Bedford.

  • Translator: Translate english text to portuguese, spanish, or ki'che'.

  • Clerk: Record minutes for monthly Board Meetings. 

  • Social Media Marketer: Help manage social media and web content.

  • Pedagogical Support:

  • Special Guest: Read a book to young children. Or, share your discipline with students.

  • Specialist: Offer professional development workshops for educators and caregivers.

  • Parent Liaison: 

Natasha and Students


New Bedford Children is not currently hiring. However, if you would like to contribute to our cause or have skills that you think would further our cause, please reach out anyway. Follow us and check back for future positions.


New Bedford Children is currently looking for organizations interested in becoming sponsors. When you become a sponsor, your organization's logo will appear on our website!

Community Partners

New Bedford Children is currently looking for organizations interested in partnering with us in our mission to ensure high-quality early education. When you become a community partner, your organization's logo will appear on our website!


"No donation is too big" when it comes to the education of our New Bedford children.