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Light Provocation

Get Involved


Do you want to help promote and ensure high-quality early childhood education for every child in New Bedford? Community involvement is what we are all about. Come join us! Below are a handful of volunteer opportunities for you to consider for yourself (or a friend). Or, suggest a way in which you think you might be able to lend your skills and experience.

Translators: Inclusion and accessibility are important to us. We are looking for individuals who can occasionally translate written English into Portuguese, Spanish, or K'iche'.

Organizers: We get so many wonderful materials donated to the Creative Resource Center. We need help organizing them!

Drivers: We need people who can make trips to local businesses to pick up donations for the Creative Resource Center.

Photographers: We would love to have you use your photography skills (any skill level) to photograph our workshops/events as well as some of the materials we have in the center for us to share over social media.

Artists: We would love to have you join us on a Saturday to talk to teachers and spark new ideas at the Creative Resource Center. What cool things might we be able to do with our materials? You can help us think outside the box!

Handy Folks: If you have special skills we could likely use your help at the resource center. Right now we are looking for folks who can do basic carpentry, and sew.

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