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Material Donations

We are always looking for new materials for the  Creative Resource Center. Here are some examples of materials we accept:

  • Plastic Reels (3D printing or other)

  • Corks

  • Wood scraps (sanded)

  • Paper

  • Rolls of paper

  • Thick cardboard tubes (not toilet paper or paper towels)

  • Cardboard (good condition)

  • Plastic Animals

  • Fabric

  • Foam

  • Carpet samples

  • Wood and tile samples

  • Fabric Samples

  • Scarfs

  • Unused/good condition art supplies

  • Wooden trains &tracks

  • Rocks and sea glass

  • Beautiful things found in nature

  • Envelopes

  • Baskets

  • Good condition children's books

  • Other fun and unusual materials!

Reach out if you have something we may be able to reuse and repurpose!

*all materials must be safe for children

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